Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Battle Recruits now on Android!

We are pleased to announce Battle Recruits is now on Google play! Android users rejoice!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Battle Recruits: Meet the Troops - KNIGHT

Battle Recruits: Meet the Troops - ARCHER

New Visuals for Maxed-Out Troops!


So now that we have the troops upgradable, we've implemented new skins to show off your troops once they're maxed out!


Archers (Unlocked at level 10):

Knights (Unlocked at level 20):

Sappers (Unlocked at level 30):

 Chaos Mages (Unlocked at level 40):

Rock Golems (Unlocked at level 50): 

Berserkers (Unlocked at level 60):

Some Early Concept Art

As the only full-time Artist on Battle Recruits, I had a blast coming up with the look of all our Heroes and troops. Here's some early Concept Art, you'll notice some of the characters ended up looking quite different by the time their designs were finalized!

Most of the beginning set of Heroes stayed pretty close to their original designs, but Tortuga needed to look a bit more feminine and imposing.

Finished Tortuga:

Early concept for the Chaos Mages:

Finished Chaos Mages: 

 The Rock Golems changed a bit, but the biggest change of a character from their original design was our latest troop, the Berserker!
Original concepts:

Finished Rock Golems: 

More Berserker concept:

Finished Berserker:

Gamescape 2014!

In July, Stumble Soft had the pleasure to show off Battle Recruits at the annual Gamescape convention.
We are very honored to have received 3rd place in the People’s Choice for Best Game out of over 30 competing games! And considering we didn't even know about the competition the first full day we were there, we probably could have spread the word a bit more and snagged a higher ranking by encouraging our fans to vote for us! Oh well, it sure was fun!